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Social Media Marketing

It is not enough to open a business page on the social networks to do social marketing, it is necessary to create a continuous and true dialogue with your customers to create the word of mouth

The social networks have changed the relations between company and consumer and the users become the true marketing operators, exchanging information about brand and products. Affecting this wide range of users in a correct way, this will decide the success of your company.

Our agency, in addition to manage the pages of different companies, can create advertising campaigns Pay per Click.


In what social are we the best?


First of all, Facebook is a social network, oriented to the creation and management of relations between people, and between brands and people.

We create and manage the business pages, in order to increase the reputation of your company and present your products and services to all.


Nowadays, Twitter doesn't reaches the same levels of Facebook in Italy, but it is a good platform for the business to business.

Our task is guarantee a strong presence on Twitter, creating the account, publishing continuously some interesting contents, following your possible customers and create a unique network.


Linkedin in the indisputable king of the business to business communication.

Our agency will create the business account, customizing it according to your image. We will organize the contents publication and we will activate promotional campaigns.


Are you ready to give a boost to your business?

Who are directed the social strategies?

The expected answer would be “to all” but our answer is that the social can’t be for all, and every sector has its social. This foresees a multidisciplinary approach in order to take advantage of their potentialities.

During our working experience on socials, we have studied and developed efficient commercial strategies for different sectors, mainly for automotive.

What is the social media marketing ?

The Social Media Marketing has two main functions. The first is to improve the brand reputation and the trust that users have on it, and this can be obtained having a social page/profile with a decent number of fan, with a sequence of interesting posts and published with regularity.

The second function is the most interesting for you: to generate new “LEADS”.

Lead Generation

The lead is a contact request for information or an estimate. The lead is composed online and it is directly managed by you.

In order to generate lead, we must study with you the strategy to follow that must respect your budget and your margins on the offered products/services.

For example: if your margin is € 100 on each product/service, the lead acquisition can’t cost more than € 10/15, because if there aren’t margins, the campaign is not efficient.

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